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Sometimes when our work is least noticed, we have done our best. That may sound strange but when our build blends seamlessly into walls that are hundreds of years old and sometimes not even seen, it makes the battle against the elements, the cost and the time imposed, absolutely worthwhile.

Leaving a legacy with a story for the future is a compelling driving force for the team in 4R Building Ltd.

Projects - 2010 to current

Projects - 2004 to 2010

  • Ascot Place owner Crown Prince of Dubai (limestone floors/​lift shaft lime walls/​retaining walls/​orangery)
  • The Keep, Kingston-upon-Thames (parapet walls)
  • Brockhurst Lodge, Farnham
  • Yotes Court Sevenoaks Barclay Brothers (arches/​exteriors/​interiors)
  • Valentines Park, Ilford (walled gardens/​dovecot/​long water)
  • Hampton Court (Ivy House wall)
  • Knepp Castle (Castellation’s)
  • Lydiard Park (dam wall)
  • Blaise Castle (amphitheatre walls)

Many more photos are still to be included on this website. Links to the new pages will be added to the projects listed above as soon as they are available.

In the meantime if you require further information then please get in touch via the contact points listed below:

Peter Molloy

Mobile: 07961 482880

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