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I currently live with my family in the small Hampshire hamlet of Hurstbourne Tarrant in the Bourne Valley. Living here enables me to surround myself with the beautiful stone and flint cottages and beautiful listed buildings that hold our history in their walls, and fuel my passion for restoration and renovation.

Throughout my working life I have been privileged to have worked on some of our most prestigious historic buildings including Kew Palace, Hampton Court, castles, monuments, country homes and many buildings with a rich architectural heritage.

Building is something that is in my blood. My father, who was a fine bricklayer, had me standing shoulder to shoulder with him laying bricks at 16 years of age. It was a competitive and tough learning curve. Today, I lead a team of excellent young bricklayers who are learning their jobs both on the ground in some exciting environments and in apprenticeships sponsored by 4R at local colleges.

I have also been most fortunate in my working life to have been taught by a wealth of some of the best craftsmen, who have also learned from years of experience at the coal face, and their love and passion for seeing the tasks through to completion with passion and ability has become part of the fabric of how I work today.

About Us - continued

I am still fascinated to get into the heads of the people who constructed these extraordinary buildings from the architects designing them to the many craftsmen who saw those visions through to reality. For me, a key ingredient to our work is seeing and thinking beyond what is simply in front of us.

The real beauty of historic buildings is feeling, seeing and working with the materials worked so skilfully by men before us. It is testament to their creativity, knowledge and skills. Passing on those skills is as satisfying as presenting your finished piece to an architect or an owner knowing it will still be there in the future as long as it has been there in the past.

Peter Molloy

Peter Molloy

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